About us

Greenola Girls is a group of moms trying to incorporate green living into their everyday lives and figure out what works best for their families. We strive to clean up our children's bodies and their homes while living our lives to the fullest, healthiest potential. We would love to share our attempts to avoid toxic foods and household products, to teach our children how to treat themselves and the world around them with respect We are all at different stages but hope this blog can help provide others mamas with green ideas to integrate into their daily lives.  

About the girls

Marci- I'm a girl who wears many hats. I am a wife, a mother to two beautiful boys, a nurse, and a PhD student. I have always been concerned about staying active but it wasn't until my first son was born, that I realized there was so much more to being healthy then just being active. How crunchy am I you ask? Well, I think it depends on who you talk to. My friends probably think I am a little out there but I always think there is room for improvement and change. My family is my inspiration. I want to help provide them with a healthy (and green) environment that nourishes their bodies and their minds.


Michelle - At almost 35 years old, I find myself becoming crunchier and crunchier by the day. From what goes into my reusable grocery bag to what covers my youngest daughter's butt, I am finding new ways to green up my life, my family, and my home. I'm the first to admit that I'm imperfect (I don't recycle everything I should) but I'm a work in progress. The important thing is that I'm always willing to learn and more than willing to share information.


 Adriana - I'm a 28 year old mom to 4 little ones. I have a passion for learning about nutrition and health. My journey started when I decided it was time to lose weight, searching for the best diets I found something better, I found the truth about our food and how it affects our overall health. I am currently not at my goal weight but I will get there and I am enjoying the learning along the way.

Erin - I am a 27 year old mom to one son. Since they day he was conceived I knew I wanted to change my life and do the many things I always said I would do such as be more conscious of my imprint on the earth, be more natural, and leave a legacy for my children on this earth. It has naturally translated into a hunger for knowledge and education and my husband and I have slowly changed our way of living to being healthy, green, and natural. We are still a work in progress but as I learn more every day I do more in my own life and in my family's life.


Bonnie - I'm a 35 year old mom to two little boys. I'm at the beginning stages of living a greener life. I am learning new things daily and want to share my ideas with others. I want my boys to understand not only how to treat their bodies with what they put in it, but also how to treat their earth by recycling and reusing their surroundings.

Karla - I am a 27 year old stay at home mom of two boys. Even though I didn't realize it then, but getting laid off from my job was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was blessed with more time to spend with my family! I used my time wisely and my new job now is to make sure that my family is and stays healthy! The more I learn about how important nutrition and exercising is -- I not only want that for my self, but for my kids to grow up to adapt the same desires that I do about health. Lets not let our kids fall in to the cracks and teach them now about living a healthy life style!