Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Try it Tuesday: Bug Repellants

It don’t need bug repellants very often.  I love being outside but since I am in the final phase of my schooling, I don’t get outside beyond an evening run or walk with the boys. Early this summer I won two different giveaways (Thanks Natural Product Network and Green Grandma!) and the prizes… bug repellants!  I was sure I would never get to try them out, but boy was I wrong. I know summer is coming to and end but if you are in need of bug spray, check these two products out…

I had the opportunity to use this product on the Fourth of July. As my family was waiting for the fireworks to begin, I started to get attacked by bugs.  I wasn’t sure what was biting me but my arms were itching like crazy.  As always, I was the only one getting bit and my husband just bragged about how he wasn't being bothered.  I knew I couldn’t make it so I ran home and grabbed the Combat-Ready Bug Repellant I had just received.  It is a bug spray made with natural ingredients. 

I wasn’t sure what it was going to smell like but overall, it wasn’t too overpowering. It dries fairly quickly and doesn’t leave any weird residue on your body.  The best part… It helped tremendously.  I still felt like I was getting bit but the frequency was much less.  In addition to the fact that the product works very well, the creator has been donating care packages of combat-ready products to our troops overseas for over five years. 

It costs $16 plus shipping for a 2.7 oz spray bottle.

In mid-July, the company my husband works for held their annual picnic.  It was to be held outside near a park north of where we lived.  Just in case, I packed Wildwood SoapWorks bug spray.  Everything was going well until my boys made their way over to the kickball area, which was pretty much just a grass field.  My legs started itching so before the boys got too involved, I sprayed my legs and theirs. 

The fragrance was actually pleasant.  It didn’t remind of the typical smell of bug sprays.  It applied as well as the combat-ready bug repellant did. It didn’t leave a sticky film and dried quickly.  After applying it, I had absolutely no more trouble.  I didn’t notice bugs at all for the rest of the event.  I was really impressed.

Wildwood SoapWorks bug and tick spray is natural blend of essential oils and a proprietary extract.  The company GUARANTEES it will work or they will give you your money back. 

The cost is a little more, it comes a 2 oz spray bottle and it costs $19.95 plus shipping. I have also had the opportunity to try their gardener soap and pink grapefruit lotion bar, I loved all three of their products!  They are definitely worth trying. 

If you are comparing these products to other bug repellants that you can buy at your local drugstore or superstore, you will notice there is a price difference.  The natural bug sprays are more expensive but if you are worried about what you are putting on your skin or you kids AND you want a natural options, these two good choices.

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