Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EasyLunchboxes Review (and Giveaway!)

I first came upon EasyLunchboxes by following “100 Days of Real Food” on facebook. And while I was more than willing to take advice from Lisa of “Real Food,” I wasn’t about to remake my entire kitchen and pantry to match; I was neither financial able nor willing to just throw away all my plastic storage containers. Then along came all the reports about BPA and, suddenly, I found myself tossing out every canned food on my shelves and looking with disdain at the contents of my food storage cabinet. All I could think each time I opened that cabinet door was “danger!!!” So, I did my research while I also did some virtual window shopping on Ideally, I was looking for stainless bento-type containers to send with my husband and daughter to work and school, respectively. But goodness! I was not about to take out a second mortgage in the name of environmental and health consciousness! When I stumbled upon EasyLunchboxes again that day, it was a no-brainer. Four individual containers, each with a bright colorful lid and compartments for different meal components, and BPA free all for less than $15 - shipped!

I liked them from the moment I opened the package. The lids are easy to put on and take off, the boxes conveniently nest within each other (even the lids stack nicely on top of one another) and they were labeled dishwasher-safe. Out of nowhere, I just wanted to come up with cute and healthy meals to pack for my family. And, before I knew it, that’s just what I was doing every day (well, cuteness is in the eye of the beholder...I certainly think my lunches are at least cuter than they used to be). 

My youngest daughter testing the product durability.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that EasyLunchboxes go everywhere with me on an almost daily basis. I have a four-year-old who seems to be on an endless quest to burn off every single calorie she consumes, so she’s constantly running on empty, and a 15-month-old who can’t go more than an hour without some sort of snack since she is always trying to keep up with her older sister. And when the toddler doesn’t get what she wants, she lets everyone know - not so cute during library storytime. So, these boxes make my life easy by being a good fit in my lunch tote (although, since the lids are not leak-proof, the tote has to be carried flat on its side as opposed to by the handles) and very lightweight.

We all know that nasty brownish red hue that our plasticware tends to take on after being used for spaghetti sauce or similar foods. We all hate it, too. After I used my EasyLunchboxes to hold marinara, I fully expected to see that dingy color when I pulled it out of the dishwasher. To my delight there was nothing of the sort. They were as clear as the day I got them. I even stored diced beets in one of the boxes and still there was no discoloration after washing!

Whole wheat rotini with sauce, organic unsweetened applesauce, stove-popped popcorn, and a spinach/carrot brownie.

The most beneficial aspect of owning the EasyLunchboxes is that, upon their arrival, I automatically felt compelled to come up with healthy and delicious snacks and meals to pack in them. I no longer had to figure out what packaged foods would hold up to my daughter’s tendency to spin and throw her lunch bag around...I could simply throw together individual elements in these boxes. The compartments encourage me to provide my family with a variety of foods, not just wrap up a sandwich with an apple and call it a day. I’m now able to safely pack noodles with meatballs, carrots, and applesauce all in one lunch. I can quickly put together a good dinner for my husband when he works nights, as well. This makes the EasyLunchboxes a healthy choice all around.

Stove-popped popcorn, fresh berry skewers, leftover whole wheat pasta with carrot/beet puree sauce, and a pumpkin cream cheese egg roll for my daughter.

In the past few weeks, I’ve begun to see more and more of them around town - at the park and my daughter’s gymnastics class. Obviously, people are having the same positive experience with EasyLunchboxes as I have had. I love seeing them popping up everywhere as these were created by a concerned mom who saw a need and came up with a solution. Kelly Lester, EasyLunchboxes’ owner and creator, aimed to make something that could hold enough to satisfy an adult hunger but lightweight and easy for a young child. Good on her for having the gumption to get it done!

Now is your chance to feed your family with less waste and more creativity...FREE! Enter our giveaway starting May 10 to win a set of four EasyLunchboxes PLUS one lunch tote in the color of your choice (a $21.90 retail value)!!

This giveaway is open to US residents only!

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  1. I love the great colors and the individual compartments!

  2. I like that they are BPA free and that they hold so much! (entered Rafflecopter as Brandi Elam)

  3. I love that they're BPA free and that they hold more then those teeny bento boxes. So they would be great for not only kids, but for adults too. :)

  4. That's me! :D What do I need to do? Lol