Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LÄRABAR review

I remember the first LÄRABAR I ever had.  My family just finished walking in the Susan G. Komen Race for the cure in memory of his mom and before leaving, my husband grabbed a sample bar.  I hadn’t eaten since 5:30am and it was getting close to noon so I pulled out the nursing mom card and snagged the bar..  I loved it and went searching for it in local stores.  I couldn’t remember the name so I ended up picking up a couple different brands in error.  I couldn’t find them anywhere and eventually forgot about them.

When I started making the switch to unprocessed food, I knew I would need something that was convenient. When I am at school, I seem to be constantly moving and by mid-afternoon, I am hungry for a snack.  Thanks to Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food, I become re-acquainted with LÄRABARs.  I found the lemon bar at my local health food store and as soon as I bit into it, I recognized it.  I have tried a couple different bars over the last couple months and lemon is still by far my favorite.

LÄRABAR was generous enough to send me four different bars to review.  I received the box last Friday and within two days, they were all gone.  In the box, I found Key Lime Pie, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte, and Tropical Fruit Tart. 

He claimed Key Lime Pie first.
I made sure that everyone got a taste of each bar.  I thought my husband’s favorite would be Key Lime Pie but he loved Tropical Fruit Tart.  When I first opened the package, I could smell the pineapple but when I took a bit, I noticed it was balanced well with the other ingredients.  I am not a huge fan of coconut but it really worked well.  My children ate every bar and had absolutely no complaints.  I think in the end, my favorite was the Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte.  I could totally see myself eating this as a late night desert without feeling guilty.

They look calm but if I was closer to the ground, they would have been fighting over each piece.
·      The ingredients in LÄRABARs are food as my friend would say.  They are ingredients that when you read them, you know exactly what you are eating.  Some of the bars have as little as two ingredients.
·      No added sugar!
·       They are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher.
·      They are delicious and have a variety of flavors.  It is easy to find one you will love. Check out their website to see the variety of flavors they offer.
·      Many of the bars are on the softer side.  I think this is great because it is soft enough that I can give it to my 15 month old, who is still cutting molars, and he has no problem eating it.

·      The one complaint some of my friends have is that they are expensive.  I have noticed a range of prices when I have been out shopping.  The local health food store near me sells them at $1.89, which is the most expensive I have seen them.  Trader Joe’s sells them for $1.29 but they only have 5 flavors and they never seem to change.  One of the other Greenola Girls has spotted them at Target for 5/$5 but I have yet to find them, which is partly because I was looking in the wrong spot.  If you find a bar you really love, you can order them on Amazon.  Some bars even have a subscribe and save option… hello Lemon bars delivered right to my doorstep… yes please!  You can also save that way because the bars average out to be about $1.13 each.

Want another option?  How about free?  LÄRABARs has graciously offered to sponsor a giveaway through Greenola Girls!  Keep your eyes peeled.  The giveaway will start April 25th, 2012.  Want a sneak peek?  Check out the LÄRABAR giveaway page!

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