Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet Greenola Girl Karla!

In a world where "convenience" has become our norm (and I say “our” because I've been there before), let's be honest, our outlook on food stems from our childhood and what was placed in front of us. I grew up in a very traditional Mexican home. Delicious food non the less!

When I had my first son at a very young age, I had no clue whatsoever what I was feeding him. I never even thought about it. Maybe in a sense I really didn't care; as long as he was being fed, that’s all that mattered. I gave in to the "convenience" of processed jarred baby food, fast food, food in cans and boxes that have no national value at all! When my son turned 5, I found myself overweight, unhappy and wanting more than just the "norm". I began to work out like a crazy woman; loving the results I asked myself, "how do I make this my life style?" Wel,l for many of us we are deceived thinking that easy fix diets or just giving up junk food will help. There is so much more than that. I was introduced to the world of organic, wholesome and homemade food. The world now, with all its processed, junky, pesticide-covered, hormone-fed, antibiotics-injected, MSG-heavy, high fructose corn syrup-centered (geez...I can go on and on about the so-called food we eat), has hidden the original way we were meant to eat since early mankind! Once I learned all of this I slowly began to make the transition. It's not easy! But it’s become a passion for me to teach my kids to eat healthy and to reap the benefits from it - how food can be our medicine rather that just taking a pill from doctor.

Fast forward to now, after having my second son, my whole view of raising my kids has changed. I breastfed longer than I ever thought I could, I made his baby food, I give him almond milk rather than whole cows milk, I make his snacks and juice from scratch. All of these things don't make me better than anyone else, but because this lifestyle is so undermined and not very well known, it’s kind of frowned upon really. So, I want to help people understand the importance of food. One of my many joys is knowing what is going in to my loved ones’ bodies. Yes, there are sacrifices we make, but in the end its so worth it! To close, I am a 27-year-old happily married momma that has a passion for eating healthy, helping people do the same and raising my boys to be strong, healthy, responsible and caring men!

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