Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet Greenola Girl Adriana!

What led me to look into natural supplements and medicine? My kids’ health.

We all know kids would rather play than make a run to the potty. Yup that’s what my daughter Valerie likes to do all the time. She had her first urinary tract infection last year; she had a fever of 104 so I took her in to see her pediatrician and was prescribed antibiotics. The UTI cleared although she did develop a slight rash from the antibiotic. A couple of months later she had ringworm -I love doing my daughter’s hair and her friends at school love touching it and I believe that’s how she got it. We made another trip to the pedi and she was prescribed oral meds for 6 weeks to treat it and for a while we thought it was going away after she finished the meds. Fast forward about 2 months...after this she gets a second UTI, we made yet another trip to her pedi and were prescribed antibiotics again. This time she broke into a horrible rash the day after she finished the antibiotics - it covered her entire body from the soles of her feet to her throat! I rushed her to the nearest urgent care and turns out she is allergic to sulfa-based antibiotics. The doc there told me that symptoms sometimes start mild but can escalate to be life threatening. I was really scared, her rash went away on its own, but her body took a very long time to recover from all the meds she was exposed to within a 6 month period. She would wake up with red cheeks, her immune system was just so weak and her ringworm came back, she had a toxic liver.

Out of frustration and a little anger towards my daughter’s pediatrician I must say, I started researching natural ways to help her. After all, the human race didn’t make it this far with the help of Doctors and pharmaceuticals.  I started using supplements based on raw foods, not all supplements are created equal! Some have synthetic vitamins which are harmful for you in the long run. I use Vitamin D3 as an immune system booster as well as Vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil, I also give my daughter probiotics a couple of times a day on an empty stomach to help recolonize her gut with good flora which had been killed with the rounds of antibiotics. I also started putting coconut oil on her ringworm, coconut oil is a wonderful gift of nature, it is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. It is taking some time, we are into about 2 months of treatment and she is doing so much better! Her cheeks no longer get red and her ringworm seems to finally be going away for good.

I should add that nutrition plays a big role in our health and we eat a whole foods diet that consists of mostly organic produce and grass/pastured meats/eggs. All my kids get these supplements and they all seem to be overall healthier, we survived the flu season with just a couple of little colds :)  

Look for my future blogs, where I will talk about each supplement individually and its benefits!

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  1. Thanks for all you do & inspiring our Family & I! I'm also spreading the word to family & friends. When we eat, take a bite; the food is an offering to our own body & we need to take care of it. I tell people our bodies are vehicles. If we don't take care of it; it's going to be a Total loss! If we do take care of it; we're going to be smooth sailing for a long time! :D